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Drain & sewer servicing in Port Macquarie

Richardson Plumbing & Gas Service offers affordable drainage services for homes, businesses and other locations in Port Macquarie and the Hastings area. Our team can install French drains, concrete catch basins, buried downpipes, hot water systems and other drainage solutions. We can help with erosion control, managing excess water, waste drainage, blocked drain solutions and more.

French Drains & Catch Basins

Two of the most popular drainage systems include: French Drains and Catch Basins. A French drain is useful for collecting groundwater and diverting it to another location. If there is a problematic area around your home or business where water build-up is common, a French drain may be an effective way to move that water to another location.
Catch basins are useful for collecting water from low points in a yard or large space. Instead of having water piling up in the area when there is a significant storm, the catch basin ensures water properly drains out and leaves your property in pristine condition.

Gutters & Downpipes

We specialise in piping downspouts, installing effective drainage, installing and maintaining rain gutters, and related services.
Blocked Drain Port Macquarie

Drainage Consultations

Noticing a build-up of water on your property in Port Macquarie? Perhaps there is a bad odour coming from a specific area? Numerous issues could cause such issues, so call Richardson Plumbing & Gas Service to diagnose the problem.
A build-up of water likely means ineffective drainage for part of your property. While an unpleasant odour outside would indicate problems with your septic tank. Book an appointment, so we can examine your property and recommend the most effective solution.

Commercial Drainage Solutions

Richardson Plumbing & Gas Service offers complete commercial-grade drainage solutions. We provide problem investigation and diagnosis, blocked drain solutions, water management solutions, runoff direction solutions, erosion control, site grading and more.
Our plumbing services include work for residential complexes, subdivisions, commercial and industrial sites, stores, restaurants, medical facilities and more.