Here at Richardson Plumbing Service, we can help you with all of your plumbing needs, including some drainage problems that you should be on the lookout for. Malfunctioning drainage can lead to all kinds of issues and is best taken care of right away. We work on both residential and commercial properties, but it’s up to you to keep an eye out for problems so you can call us when it’s time. Here are some common drainage problems to watch for and when you might need a plumber in Port Macquarie.

Clay or Terracotta Drainage Systems

If your property is old, you might have an old plumbing system still in place. Many years ago, pipes were made from clay or terracotta rather than the PVC they’re most often made from today. With time, these older pipes can shift or become damaged, which lets in dirt, debris and tree roots, causing blocked drains in your home or business. If you have such pipes, keep an eye on your drainage very closely because they may need to be replaced to stop the problem from continuing. 

Standing Water

Whether it’s in the house or in the garden, areas of standing water after a heavy rain indicate that you have a landscaping drainage problem. Soggy ground, water stains outside the property and soil erosion are other things to be on the lookout for. While these issues can certainly detract from your landscaping design, they can also damage the foundation and structure of your home so it’s best to have them resolved as soon as possible. 

Overflowing Gutters

Your gutters are designed to keep water off your home when it rains. If your gutters are overflowing during a rainstorm, you have a drainage problem. Fortunately, this is often due to gutters that need to be cleared of debris. Once that’s done, they tend to work properly once again. If yours are clean and still can’t keep up, consider larger gutters to help resolve the issue. 

Cracks, Stains and Mildew

Often a drainage problem will make itself known inside your property. Signs include cracks in the foundation, water stains inside and outside your property as well as mildew in the upper portions of the building, such as in the attic. White or grey crust on lower walls and flaking of the walls are other signs of a drainage problem. 

If you notice any signs of a drainage issue on your property, call Richardson Plumbing Service for help. We can deal with regular issues and emergencies.