Want to make sure that you are fully protected against any kind of plumbing emergency? In many cases, homeowners leave it until it is too late before they call a plumber to their Port Macquarie home, and the damage is done. You might not be sure what the problem is with your plumbing, but Richardson Plumbing and Gas Service can help you to understand what we do, and how we can fix problems with your home. 

Heating and boiler services

In Australia, it takes a particular qualification to be able to perform heating and boiler services as a plumber, but when you have a plumbing professional who is able to handle this work, they can make a big difference to how your heating functions. Richardson Plumbing and Gas Service are fully licenced, so any problems with these units, or installations and additions, and we can sort it out. 

Residential repairs

Most of the time, we get called in to help when the plumbing has gone wrong. This is one of our main roles, and we know how important it is to get water flowing around your home. We also know that that water needs to be flowing in the right location, rather than across the kitchen floor, for example. 


We can help you to fit your bathroom essentials, including plumbing in your sink, bath and toilet, and making sure that all of the pipework flows in the right direction. We can also help you to install water-based units in the kitchen, for example the refrigerator or freezer as well as washing machines, dish washers and driers. 

Pipe relining

Not many homeowners know that plumbers can offer this service, but it is something that is essential to prevent sewer drains from leaking, and can be the only way to resolve problems with your septic tank. 

Repair gas problems

If you are worried that there is a gas leak in your home, or that your boiler is producing carbon monoxide, then you need to call in a plumber that is licensed to deal with gas in your area. 

Call in the experts

Whether you need a plumber service in Port Macquarie to help with plumbing or gas work, call Richardson Plumbing and Gas Service to solve all your problems. You can reach us online through our enquiry form or contact us today on 0417-660-041 to get a quote.