Gas fitter Port Macquarie


Natural gas and propane are two of the most common energy sources for homes and businesses in Port Macquarie and the Hastings area. Whether you are using gas to run a water heater, stovetop, oven or other appliance, Richardson Plumbing & Gas Service can help with installations, maintenance and repairs.
For gas to work as an effective energy source, it requires a constant and safe connection. Our gasfitters can install new pipe work at your home or business while maintaining your existing systems.

Gas Line & Appliance Installations

Installing gas piping is a dangerous process. If you do not know what you are doing, you could cause a severe incident, given the highly combustible nature of gas and propane. Any mistake can have lasting consequences, which is why it is vital to book an appointment with our team.

We install gas lines safely and efficiently, while our team can also arrive at your location to install a specific appliance. We can install water heaters, gas grills, furnaces, boilers, dryers, stovetops, ovens, fireplaces and more. Please do not try to set up a gas appliance on your own. Allow us to do the job safely, quickly and with no damage to your property.

Gas Repair Services

Problems can occur in a gas line or specific appliance, especially when put through heavy use. A sudden drop in output or a gas smell coming from a part of your property may indicate a serious issue.
Gas Pipes — Gasfitting in Port Macquarie, NSW
If you notice such a problem, contact Richardson Plumbing & Gas Service immediately. Our emergency services are available 24/7.

Water Heaters

Most Australians use gas water heaters to allow hot water into their kitchens and bathrooms. Our specialists can repair gas water heaters, install new models and provide routine maintenance services. While a gas water heater is an investment, it is very affordable to run and will last for many years to come.