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Richardson Plumbing & Gas Service is the number one plumber to contact in Port Macquarie and the Hastings area. We provide affordable, efficient and thorough services to residential and commercial customers. As a family run business, we are proud to serve the area with distinction and honesty.

Residential Plumbing Services

We provide general plumbing, gas leak detection, water leak detection, hot water, emergency, blockage, water filtration and appliance installation services to our residential customers.

General Plumbing:

We supply, install, repair and maintain toilets, taps, drains, pipes, sinks and other plumbing fixtures. If you notice any improper operation from your plumbing system, contact our professionals today. We can come to your home for emergency services, while we are available by routine appointment as well.

Water Leaks:

When not repaired quickly, a water leak can cause permanent damage to your home. Moisture build-up could ruin your home foundation, while it can promote the growth of mould and mildew. Our team can detect and repair water leaks before any fungus, or another issue, presents itself.

Appliance Installations:

Do you need a professional to install your new dishwasher, shower, sink or another appliance? We offer competitive rates, licensed servicing, guarantee on all work and high-quality parts.
Richardson Plumbing Vehicle4 — Gasfitting in Port Macquarie, NSW

Commercial Plumbing Services

We understand the complex needs of businesses and industrial locations in the Port Macquarie area. We provide high-quality backflow testing, commercial leak detection and other plumbing services at competitive rates.

Backflow Testing:

Our backflow installation, maintenance, testing and repair services ensure that your drainage system is operating flawlessly. Backflow occurs when unwanted water and particles come into your drinkable water supply. Backflow can occur due to burst pipes, backed up pipes and related issues. We can install a backflow prevention system to avoid these issues.

Leak Detection:

Our professional leak detection services ensure that your business does not come face-to-face with the disaster of a burst or heavily leaking pipe. Leaks can result in excess water bills, structural damage, mould, mildew and other complications. Our professional leak detectors can spot a leak early, immediately repair the damage and inform your crew about tell-tale signs to detect future leaks.